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I’m gonna Google Translate the store page now

I don’t know what’s going on here. It’s a coat. It’s by Thoroughly Denim. And on the Japanese e-store Digital Mountain, I can see it’s called ‘VINGOKASURI’. Which suggests to me a collaboration between Viggo Mortensen and a dinosaur. It’s possible I’m wrong.

I do know that after de-Yen-ifying, it comes in it at 226 quid. And I do know I would wear the balls out of it. Fuck it, I’m gonna Google Translate the store page now. Exciting no?

8_000000003608 9_000000003608
Okay, okay, with no Google Translate, I think it’s sort of stripy, but with washed out bits, and it’s got a hood and from a distance makes you look like a space tiger. With Google Translate, this is what I discover:

Here it is produced in Fukuyama, Hiroshima Prefecture new city – Fukuyama Ashida the town from the late Edo period, Japan’s three major Kasuri is also one of (Kasuri) “Bingo Kasuri (Bingo Kasuri)” jacket was used “VINGOKASURI It is.

10_000000003608 7_000000003608 4_0000000036085_000000003608
Still here?

Now work in the usual Bingo Kasuri jacket using fabric that has been produced in stroke more than the “double” of the production process of, techniques that tie with a string so that it does not stain the stripes and part part, it was made by the indigo in rare as a representation has been Bingo Kasuri, it has become a new pattern.“”

So like I say. Space tiger.

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