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Imported Gobin CDs and a packet of Transform-a-Snack

I don’t think this is a traditionally sexy bag. It looks like it should be full of old-school brainy stuff. Like stethoscopes and abacuses. Maybe some boring documents about numbers. Sexy is not this bag. But I’m okay with that. And so should you be.


It’s a navy canvas Boston Bag from The Superior Labor. And if you’re like me, in that your sexiness derives from your mind, you’re in business. Like me you’ve probably got a university level knowledge of the Marvel Universe. If they did MAs in late 70s/early 80s Italian/Spanish exploitation cinema I’d be loping around in a mortarboard instead of a bucket. And I know a fair bit about 10p corn snacks too. Yeah bruh, we is the post-intelligentsia and this bag is perfect for hauling the tools of our trade – an X-Men Encyclopaedia, some imported Gobin CDs and a packet of Transform-a-Snack.

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Leather, canvas and suede, removable leather shoulder strap, brass press studs – it’s all in order. What more do you need for 315 coins? Those Inhumans figurines won’t carry themselves.

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