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Hello? HELLO?

Menswear can be extremely irritating. Just when you think you’ve got your basics game on lock, this turns up. It’s just like a load of jackets I’ve already got. But different. Differenter enough for me to want it. Look at that indigo cotton. That’s a serious luxe bro’s chore jacket. The (now modern classic) Post Overalls Sweetbear styling. But in a magnificent, cross-hatched fabric. This is ridiculous. Another 285 quid to look not quite the same as I already do. Would anyone ever notice? Am I alone in this? Is anyone there? Hello? HELLO?

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There’s not much more to say about this. Buttons up the front, there’s a double button throat tab, and an on-the-wonk pocket amongst other not on-the-wonk pockets. It’s a loose roomy fit. I know this, because I’ve got a Post Overalls Sweetbear. Just not in this fabric. Not this one. This one, that I need. For God’s sake someone buy this thing in a medium – if only to stop me.

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