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Look, if you’re into menswear, you might find this mildly distracting…

Off down to my local Peckham caffeine trafficker this morning, I was struck by the notion of detail in menswear. High-level trends in men’s clothing (silhouette, cut, cloth, colour) move slowly – certainly in comparison with womenswear. So it is often through the details, the ‘pieces of flair’ (to be snide) that the individual clothesman can define his personal brand. I’m not entirely sure what my ‘pieces of flair’ say about me? You be judge.

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So yeah, pretty much a statement shoe. They’re by Yuketen and swagged from the Goodhood sale. As with all Yuketen, they are absurdly well made and probably the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. They were originally almost 400 coins, but I got them for a lot less. When wearing these, I do feel a bit Bruno Tonioli. But, you know, I do have a half-decent top rock.

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My boo made me this cool pin for my birthday. I will wear it at every eventuality.

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A classic Engineered Garments work shirt. Triple stitched, contrast highlights and their interesting, simple cuff.

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Sometimes I go all out with the ‘manglery’. From left: red woven by Chamula, some chain from a hardware store, a silver, thin bangle from a store in San Francisco and another of my boo’s creations. There’s a lot going on, no question. What can I say, I’m a complex man.

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A cream Comme des Garcons wallet. It’s not one of the full-fat, chunky ones, I’d never get one of those in my inside pocket. This thinner model is ideal for what I actually need – namely three fiscal cards, a couple of receipts and an M&S £25 gift voucher which I really must redeem on some fresh pants.

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Double-zip action and a leathery toggle on a Gant Rugger gilet. Look, if you’re into menswear, you might find this mildly distracting…

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Finally, my Superior Labor iPad case. They do fantastic, robust accessories. Check them at Blue Button Shop.

So, I guess, that’s it. Details eh? We’ve all got ’em.


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