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Where can you buy classic Comme?

Desert Island moment in menswear history? I’d say mid-late 80s Comme des Garçons. That was when Comme was Comme. Gargantuan silhouettes, floppy jackets, t-shirts as shirts. Architects marched about in pyjama suits, pointing enthusiastically at pastel triangles, while prodding at their Psion Organisers. Trousers were… Read More

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Two different worlds

I’m always intrigued by clothes that straddle a fine line. I can see this piece in two different worlds. Firstly, on the back of some impossibly preening fash-stude, wearing leggings and a tricorn hat. Secondly, sizzling and unwanted in the remains of an abandoned Romani… Read More

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A miserable inevitability

Wearing shoes made of socks seems like a very Comme des Garcons idea. But actually, these kicks are a collaboration between Japanese sneaker brand Buddy and Japanese sock brand CHUP. So you’ve got a suede and knit mix upper, marrying CHUP’s ethnic inspired weaves, with… Read More