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Breaking the hearts of girls who enjoy leafing through back issues of Popeye

It’s jackets like this that make Engineered Garments the cult-like, obsessed-over, in-the-know brand it is. Look like a regular, slightly-retro looking wind-cheater to you? You’re in the wrong place. Look like the dopest thing a bro could be wearing moving into Spring? You’re in the right place disciple, let’s peep the deets like men…


It’s called an Activecloth Ground Jacket and what ‘Activecloth’ is is beyond me, but a cursory Google suggests it might have an environmentally friendly lean. It’s definitely made of 80% Cotton and 20% Nylon, so you know, that’s that.

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We’re also talking about a double-zip, a couple of slanted front pockets, press studs, a drawstring waist and extra pockets on the left sleeve and back. Tucked away in that collar you’ve got a concealed hood too.


All of which are the strongness. But for me it the pattern that’s the murderiser. Clash it up with a floral shirt, get a loose cotton navy blazer going on under there too and you’re in the business of breaking hearts. Specifically the hearts of the kind of girls who recognise Japanese designed Americana-re-workings at a hundred paces and spend their free time leafing through back issues of Popeye magazine. And, in my head at least, that’s 90% of the female population right there.




  1. Ktpearie

    would you see this working with a pair of straight denim or olive workaday fatigues?

  2. Personally I’d wear this with navy fatigues, to keep the blue thing connected. But to be honest, I tend to mix things up after I’ve owned a piece for a while, so would totally try it out with both your suggestions and just see what feels right. I’d enjoy wearing a casual blazer under it definitely – clashing up a bit of relaxed formality with the casualness of the jacket. Thanks for the comment, hope you enjoy the blog.

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