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The guy no one gets off with

For some, this image will just look like that Lithuanian bloke who works in IT. The guy that wants to “parrdeeeee“. The guy that dances funny. The guy that takes his top off at the work’s do. The guy no one gets off with.

It isn’t him. This is Our Legacy AW15. Honestly, it’s not him.

If you can cast your mind forward, through this winter, through spring and summer and out to next winter, these are the clothes you probably won’t be wearing.

Our_Legacy_030_1366 Our_Legacy_004_1366 Our_Legacy_021_1366 Our_Legacy_012_1366

Our Legacy has created a collection that takes the very best of  the stuff worn by that bloke who spins the waltzer at the fairground, the dude who sells books on the South Bank and that uncle you never speak of, who legally isn’t allowed to own a computer.

Our_Legacy_007_1366 Our_Legacy_011_1366 Our_Legacy_006_1366 Our_Legacy_002_1366

Geeky, weird and Save The Children-ish these pictures might look, but strip away the deliberately Lynchian styling and there are a load of strong streetwear pieces in there. I’m digging the oversized denim shirting, the denim long-sleeved top and the madness of that double-zip furry-ass blouson. String for belts? is that a thing now too?

Our_Legacy_013_1366 Our_Legacy_015_1366 Our_Legacy_026_1366

Weird thing is, some of it may look a bit normcore (for want of a better meaningless term) but when you get close with these garms the beauty of the finishing and the fabric will murderise you. You’ll be clocking that mangy looking bloke on the waltzer with fresh eyes.

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