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A meaningless mantra for the new year

The new year encourages positive thoughts in us all. Fresh ideas around how to live, what our careers might hold, the strength of our personal relationships, our goals, dreams, hopes. Yet in most of us, little dominates new year’s thinking more than shirts featuring rockabilly motifs viewed through a Japanese lens. And quite right too. Here’s a good one.


It’s by Wacko Maria, which if you’ve been keeping up on your trans-website menswear research, you’ll know has a fuck ton of buzz right now. “There is always sunshine in my heart”, it reads. Which is as good a meaningless mantra for the new year as any I guess.


It’s cotton. It’s embroidered. It costs 348 US dollars. I’m in two minds as to whether advertising that I have sunshine in my heart is worth that. However, it does feature the brand name beneath. And in an embarrassing transparent illustration of my weakness, I rather think having Wacko Maria on my back is worth the spend. It’d make me better than people without Wacko Maria on their back. I’d be better than them, you see. Happy new year.

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