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More weave than the average bro can engage

It’s getting glacial out there people. And no doubt you’ll be giving Uniqlo and Muji some play for warmer basics. Nuttin’ wrong there, a simple, woollen navy crew is a smart (and cost effective) foundation for Our Legacy blazering, or a Blue Blue Japan chore. But there’ll be times when knitwear has to do the work.

You’re gonna need to swag a knitted asset. Something with more firepower. A woven ammo cache, that when deployed, gets fucking howitzer up in rival bros’ wack-ass knits. You need a killer sweater dogg. Weapons free…


It’s the return of Chuck Bass right here. My boo thinks this is Essex Boy garms, I think with the right kit, it’d look fire. It’s by Scottish master knitters Inverallan, you can grab a look at the whole range here.


Handmade in Mexico, this Chamula monster is probably more weave than the average bro can engage. Over here, it’s described as ‘substantial’, a description that applies to its construction, as much as the amount of piss-takery a lord would receive in this. It’s a characterful piece, one best accessorised with your drug cartel membership card and some fuck off maracas.


The Scandinavian fisherman vibe is still doing the rounds and you can easily own that shit by dropping on this. S.N.S Herning bang-out this bad boy – it comes fully loaded with a multi-textural finish, roll neck, and ribbed collar, cuffs and hem. Ideal attire for heaving a net of cold crabs around on a tug boat, or ordering a gastropub fish-finger sandwich, while trying to connect to their wanking wi-fi.


Who’s this fucking chancer? He’s a self-conscious Our Legacy model. Self-consciously caught, mid-model. He’s so trying to look like he’s not thinking about modelling. But I know he is. He’s trying to pretend he’s not wearing a sort of Peter Saville inspired sweat with roses all over the arms. But he is. Look, you can see he is. I feel sorry for him. Not much. But a bit.

The roses are embroidered, not printed. So that gives it some premium swag right there. I wouldn’t wear it myself. Dunno, why I put it up here. I guess you might wear it. Which is probably the point right?


Yes, yes, no, yes, no… I know, a nautical sweater is hardly the stuff of rad-swaggery right now. It’s not a stand out or nuffin’. True enough. But if advice is what you’re after, I will simply say… Dropping on one of these Saint James knits, in either navy, red or cream, makes for massive sanity. I bought a navy one about six or seven years ago now and I have never come across a knit that wears as well. Mine still looks virtually box fresh. I have no idea why, I’m guessing the nature of the tight knit? But believe, if you’re looking for an investment piece that’ll still be going strong in years to come, get on these.


Coming from the more progressive end of mensgarms, this bold check, Stephan Schneider sweater is power-strong. I’m not into the whole black-ninja-goth thang, but teamed, as it is here, with loose denims, I think we’re onto something. If I had the readies ready, I might cop.


We’ll round off this mix with EG, and here we’re talking progressive in a different sense. Principally the sense of looking like a psychedelic sex-grandad. Is it a jacket? Is it a cardigan? It’s a fucking Belt-igan brah. Check the 70s tie-waist vibes going on here. Bro would just have to toss this thing on after a shower, for that shorty-robe shit that sends the babies wild. I wants.

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