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Give your ruching the access it needs

I haven’t thought about sporty ‘coach jackets’ for years. But after choosing an antique Yojhi version as the counterpoint to my herculean OTHER/Shop jeans the other day, they keep pestering my thinking.

A short, neat style, they’re peerless for framing a power-trouser. And if you’ve got peats going on down below, the brevity of this jacket style, gives your ruching the access it needs to terminate any slim-trousered pretenders without prejudice.

This is Folk. You’ve got cotton, wool and polyester in the mix, giving the fabric a bit of a sporty edge. It’s fully lined and rocks a chunky zipper, but it’s the middle pocket positioning that really beasts this thing up.

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It is double-simple, so I guess a bro might feel hesitant to drop the requisite 290 coins. I’m kind of in the same mind. But having worn longer-line jacketing for so many years, I think this might be a refreshing choice. It’d certainly offer the kind of freedom you’d need to dash down the street, jump over a couple of bollards, turn, laugh and point at nothing in particular, like you were in a diabolical music video. Which is, you know, pretty valuable shit.

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