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Fear does not exist in this dojo

Trousers for the urban Judo-ist? Anyone? This is a big look for big men. Men for whom the ‘crane technique’ is second nature, even after three Beck’s and a packet of Tyrrells Ludlow Sausage.

There’s a lot of trouser after the jump. So those easily offended by excessive amounts of cloth, highly-rolled hems and the kind of lower-body looseness that affords amateur street-Kung-foolery, look away now.


These loons are from Oliver Spencer’s AW14 collection and are wafting around stores now. In every actual way, you can buy them hereways. Although, from the above shot, you don’t quite get the full arrogance of the girth. Nor do you from…


… this shot. However, hold tight for the below…


oliver_spencer_ost49_judo_pant_stoke_grey_4__1 oliver_spencer_ost49_judo_pant_stoke_grey_3__1 oliver_spencer_ost49_judo_pant_stoke_grey_1__1

You feel me? How fucking redonk? Tie-cord waist, big side pockets, that fantastic flecked wool (which really is power if you see it in store) and the width… Rolled up like that, we’re talking proper statement wear. No, they don’t look clownish. They look strong. Wear these and you won’t hesitate to ‘sweep the leg’. After all, Cobra Kai never dies.

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