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Spotting Deacon Claybourne by the salad bar


You know you’re in a shit hotel when the lifts have adverts in them. I was in Nottingham the other day, staying in just such a place. An all you can eat breakfast for £5.95. A pint and pasta bake for a tenner. I was surrounded by chrome trim, make-up-heavy bar girls and families sitting down for dinner wearing football shirts. It was the venue to debut my new YMC desert boots.

I snaffled these rodeo boots at a recent sample sale. Remarkably, they cost just 40 quid, whereas if you hit up the YMC site for them right now, they’re marked at an audacious 245. Fascinatingly for yourselves, they’d only got a size ten (I’m a nine) but they fit and according to a fellow brah, “don’t look boaty”. So, you know, score.


The whole western -motif is obviously the USP. However, as I’m a significant fan of the shamefully uncool TV show Nashville, I feel they represent an unspoken homage.


I teamed the steer wranglers with an Engineered Garments blazer, some plain J Crew chinos and this tie…


It’s by Hikaru Noguchi and I grabbed it from Garbstore a while back, although the best collection now is over at Present. Square bottomed and knitted, I love the popping orange off the navy – it’s very simply made, but with a highly pleasing texture. I’ve only seen the ties, but the brand also does furnishings and knitwear.

No question, this look would look best worn on stage, while playing bass guitar next to Deacon Claybourne, as he sings No One Will Ever Love You into the blubbing face of Rayna James.* As it is, I made do with the ‘European-style Lace Maker Restaurant’, a mixed grill, unlimited salad and nine pints of lager and lime. So like, yee-hah, and stuff.

*Nashville reference of relevance only to regular viewers.


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