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Oliver Spencer SS15: Out Of Focus


Focus is overrated. Bloody photographers always banging on about the rule of thirds, composition and stuff being in focus. Proper photography, with stuff you can see in it, just feels so done right now. Sometimes I think, the more you can’t see, the more you, sort of, can. After all, isn’t concealment, just really, revealment by any other name? As my subject to illustrate this progressive principle, I chose today’s Oliver Spencer SS15 show at London Collections Men. I hope the following study entitled: Oliver Spencer SS15: Out Of Focus, manages to convey the weighty themes at the core of this exciting discipline.

IMG_1699 IMG_1697 IMG_1696 IMG_1706

Important work? Of course, that’s not for me to say. Now enjoy the companion videography that completes the piece.


The more traditional of you might find this dangerous, guerrilla wave of fashion reportage a little challenging. It’s okay, the new can often unsettle. Perhaps, you should head here for some more ‘obvious’ shots of today’s show. I do, however, feel sorry for you.


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