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Pan-fried hashtag


I’m not usually one to draw attention to grammatical failings. I have apostrophied when I should have hyphenated so many times, I get tense in my semi colon just thinking about it. Still, I don’t usually stick my shambolic syntax, in giant letters onto walls. Chill’in? Maybe I’m missing something ‘dope’ I don’t understand? I was at a bootsale and barbeque in Pecks Rye. It was shockingly hip. The food van was selling pan-fried hashtag.


I dropped a couple of new pieces for the occasion. I snatched up this YMC shirty thing from the sample sale last week. It’s linen and cut like a denim jacket, square, short and with little adjuster tabs on the back.



It’s not the sort of piece I’d usually pick up, I’m wary of stuff that’s neither one thing or another. But I took a chance – the 40 quid tag helped – and after a day of wear, I’m really pleased. I like the principle of wearing shirts hanging out, I’m just never comfortable with dangling tails swishing about. This short and crucially, straight, cut is a revelation. I should have bought two.


These shoes are energetically demented. Sometimes I think they are the strongest shoes I own. The next, I fear they’d only work if accessorised with Mallet’s Mallet. Either way, I boughts them a week or two ago. Menswearists will recognise them as Woolrich Woolen Mills from last winter. I think these were produced under the stewardship of Mark McNairy. Very comfortable, and fabulous construction as usual from Sanders of Northampton. Some straight cut chinos, my new chapeau of choice and an EG duster fulfilled the rest of the day’s garmentry requirements.


Writers often point out grammatical mistakes, in other people’s work. You know, like I did at the start of this piece. Frequently, the writer will then make a joke, often towards the end, by including a sentence in their own piece, filled with mistakes. But they’re deliberate mistakes. But it’s like a clever reference to what they were talking about earlier. And they pretend they don’t know they’ve done it. But really they do. They definitely do, because it’s a joke. It’s very clever. And always funny. I never get bored of reading that joke.

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