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Bits and bobbities


Yes, they definitely aren’t. God, I don’t know. Why you asking me? Quite like a waistcoat though. And by ‘quite like a waistcoat though’, I obviously mean, ‘I wouldn’t wear it myself, but it looks mildly interesting on top of a web post.’ By the way, can you tell who the model is…?


Yes, it’s Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones. It’s nice to see him getting work after dying of a small chest wound, coming back to life and then being pillowed to death again by his own Khaleesi. Yeah, Drogo’s had it rough, but he’s putting on a good show over at Gentry, bringing some Dothraki heat to the Needles collection.


Needles falls under the Nepenthes umbrella of brands (Engineered Garments is another) and is banged out in Japaneseland to the highest quality. They do a sub-collection called Rebuild, made up of reconstructed, bits and bobbities from surplus military garments. Check the wonky pocket on the waistcoat – that kind of thing.


Needles does some slightly out there kit. More challenging than EG stuff certainly. if you find yourself in NYC, you should check the Nepenthes store at 307 West 38th St, NYC.


Or just wang your computing device into the midst of the collection at Gentry or  The Bureau. I don’t know how obsessed I am with dropping 200 of Her Queen’s Pounds on a waistcoat made of dead soldiers trousers. I mean, seriously. That bit of feathered and crudely patched cotton on the pocket might not have come from an artisan’s work bench at all? But from one man savagely puncturing another to death, with the stump of a snapped bayonet. Fashion eh… It’s just like, so thinky and shit.

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