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Just like everyone else

On the train yesterday a woman was crying. I sat two seats away, watching. Nobody raised their eyes from their phones. In fact people actively looked away; out the window, at the floor, anywhere but at the sobbing woman. It seems pathetic of me to… Read More

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Embrace the irony

A very serious looking vest here. It’s from the imperious and frankly intimidating brand Nemen. Nemen’s a bit like Stone Island – but for grown-ups who don’t need a logo to feel like the big man. And it’s technical. All “high tenacity nylon tape details”… Read More

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Same but different

I heard boutique garden centres are the new nightclubs. So I went to see. I quickly noticed that there’s no booze. And no sexy dressing – unless aprons and Wellington boots do it for you. There’s no dancing, no DJ, no drugs and no piss-flooded… Read More