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On the right side of try-hard. Just.

My passion for furry shoes continues; oblivious to the unpredictable UK climate, relentless unsolicited comments and basic common sense. I wore my ‘hairy cow’ Paraboots last night out on the pops. A bloke I had never met told me I had nice shoes. Not sure if he was taking the piss, but I thanked him all the same.

I think furry shoes represent an acceptable level of urban glamour. They’re different; I mean statistically it’s unlikely you’ll find a large number of dudes wearing furry shoes in most environments. But crucially they’re not too razzle-dazzle. They’re not too fancy-boy. They’re not covered in rhinestones and chains. Furry shoes are definitely on the right side of try-hard. Just.

This pair from site favourite Yuketen is available over at Totokaelo. I’ve no idea if you could get this exact style anywhere else, as I’ve mentioned before, the brand seems to toss out so many retailer-specific make-ups it’s impossible to keep track. It looks like they’ve got one of each size left, so shift that cursor swiftly to cop.

The usual Yuketen constitution is in play: full-grain leather, Inuit boot inspiration, hand sewn details. And then of course there’s the beaver fur overlay. To some it’s a blatant middle finger to those sympathetic to animal rights. I’m not sure how I feel about it. Beavers aren’t to my knowledge endangered. On the other hand, was it killed purely to provide decoration for a pair of shoes? That wouldn’t sit well.

They’re definitely a handsome shoe. I say shoe, they’re clearly more a boot. A detail significant enough to swing you one way or the other on these. If this kind of demi-boot isn’t your flavour, you might want to keep browser pointed at The Bureau. They’ve a couple of exclusive make-ups incoming – online next week I expect. Check them out, the pair on the left will almost certainly fly.

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