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Just like everyone else

On the train yesterday a woman was crying. I sat two seats away, watching. Nobody raised their eyes from their phones. In fact people actively looked away; out the window, at the floor, anywhere but at the sobbing woman.

It seems pathetic of me to suggest that had I been wearing these trousers she might have broken a smile. That she might have thought, like I do, that they look a bit like you’ve weed yourself. Might it have amused her? Might she have realised that even in the darkest times there are grown men walking around in daft, patchy jeans that look a bit like they’ve had an accident. Could that have helped her, even momentarily?

Unfortunately I don’t own these trousers. They’re part of the first Engineered Garments drop over at The Bureau. Patchworking seems to be a strong influence in this SS19 collection, appearing on blazers, trousers, shorts. I’m a fan. But I’ve never gone heavy into patchwork trousers. If I was to, I think these are a strong move.

Form-wise, they’re the EG ‘Painter Pant’, rendered here in an 8oz denim. Loose on the leg, triple stitching on the seams, the neat little crossed belt loop at the back and one of those thong-things on the left leg, to (presumably) hang your paint brush. Needless to say you’d have to be a either the richest dude in the world, or an outright lunatic to actually paint in these.

I like them. They make me smile. I wish I’d been wearing them yesterday. At least these trousers have the confidence to reach out to a sobbing stranger and try and cheer her up. Me? I offered a smile as she got off at my stop. And I wanted to stop her. I really wanted to stop her and just say, “hi, are you okay, is there anything I can do to help?” But I didn’t. I walked awkwardly behind her on the platform, through the gate, and then watched as she walked off into the night. I did nothing. Just like everyone else.


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