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What a bummer

Here’s a perfect example of flip-side-wrongness. Observed from the front, the subject, in this case a pair of denim trousers, appears interesting, charming, positively debonair. You’ve got the shadowy ghosts of pockets past up top. And below we have some, arguably pointless, but nevertheless eye-catching, pockets on the knee and calf. They look a little slim, but you could size-up and belt these bad boys in. Everything looks like we’re in business. Until you check out the flip.

Alright J W Anderson, we get it, you’re J W Anderson – why ruin a strong pair of jeans by sticking your giant namey-anchor-thing on the right buttock? For one, it looks like Blue Harbour. For two, not everyone craves social approbation through blatant name-dropping. It’s unavoidably huge too. Stitched in, for maximum impact. One jumbo branded cheek. What a bummer.

Even if, and it’s a big if, you could overlook the embroidered talisman on your right rump, there’s further vulgarity to come. There’s only another leathery jeans badge right above it with (go on guess?) ‘J W Anderson’ on it. One J W Anderson isn’t enough for J W Anderson. No less than two shout outs per gluteal area appears mandatory.

What I’ve spent a great deal of words saying is: the front of these jeans looks good, the back looks bad. From the front they look like a great vintage find. From the back they’re a night at Infernos in Clapham – loud, tasteless and populated by knobs.

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