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I can’t compete

Nepenthes lands in London and straight away their brands pop up on other local retailers. Not sure why or how that works? Nevertheless, Mr Porter has apparently woken up to Needles. And outside of the Nepenthes store itself, Garbstore has become the first London retailer to carry South2 West8 clothing. They’ve only got one pair of trousers, a couple of shirt jackets and some scarves, but it’s enough to get a sense of the brand’s whole ‘contemporary take on fishing’ thing; as well as reinforcing the fact that, broadly speaking, South2 West8 is much cheaper than the other Nepenthes lines.

The price points are not that surprising. Much of the South2 West8 collection is simple. There is none of the fabricated scaffolding that goes into your typical Engineered Garments blazer. Neither does the range boast the delicacy and ornamentation of Needles. It’s sturdy enough, utilitarian, loosely cut; South2 West8 is designed to make fishing look cool. Not an easy task in my view, but it’s arguably successful.

My girl has actually got the jump on me and already copped the trousers. She’s now taken to wearing them with black and white leopard print sandals and a giant faux-animal fur sweater – three beasts in one look being the maximum amount of beasts allowable. I can’t, and probably shouldn’t, try and compete with that.

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