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I showed the above image to my girl. “Ohmygod, I can’t breathe”, she said. Naturally I was extremely concerned and performed a quick diagnosis. It turned out that in fact she could breathe. She was simply saying she liked this vest. And for some reason,… Read More

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A detour from the expected

Nepenthes sub-brand AiE seem to have taken their time getting any new season product out. But it’s clear from the new range that they haven’t been standing still. Those expecting more block-pattered cotton windcheaters might be surprised by the drawstring smock shirts, dressing gown jackets… Read More

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Homogenised, spoon-fed taste

People have shit taste. Or rather they’ve got the same taste as everyone else, so they’re confused into thinking it’s good. The same, homogenised, spoon-fed taste. You can see it in deadpan grey John Lewis pillow cases. It’s the unread Mondrian art book (concealing a… Read More