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Re-evaluate your mortgage commitments

Feeling impatient? Do you want to feel impatient? Do you want to feel anxious, restless and double-thirsty? It’s an easy fix. Check out  Nepenthes Japan, or the Instagram pages for the Tokyo, Hakata and Osaka stores. Just look at the shit they’ve got that we haven’t. This is the time of the year when that happens. Digital shelves, so close and yet so far, dangling the promise of garms we won’t see on these shores for time. Come on Nepenthes London. Why aren’t you stocking this insane Engineered Garments parka yet?

Drop shouldered, with a broad cut, this is the Madison Parka. It features a tab at the throat, EG branded buttons, a drawstring hood and a couple of front patch pockets. For EG, it’s a relatively simplistic garment; no excessive pocketing or tricksy detailing. But clearly, it’s not about that life. This is about the fabric.

It’s something of a menswear truism that once something (be it fabric, a cut, a detail, a brand…) becomes utterly unfashionable, so out of step as to be laughable, it’s the perfect time to reinvent it and reintroduce it. Think about pleated trousers, until relatively recently the preserve of the Next businessman, now the only choice for the progressive menswearist. Western shirts, Birkenstocks, Hush Puppies, paisley, trucker caps, fleeces, all have at one point been viewed as laughably uncool, before being repackaged and resold, before rising to ubiquity. Looking at this EG parka, it appears to be time for upholstery fabric to make a comeback.

With the weather dancing between clemency and boil-in-the-bag, practically speaking it’s not the right time to be thinking parkas. But menswearism isn’t just about practicality. It’s also about looking fly. And making pretenders to your throne feel like giving up. Viewed through that lens, it’s the perfect time to dust off the proxy service and drop your fat papes on this. Certainly, you’ll look like you are wearing a pair of curtains. But so what, seriously, this rose jacquard fabric is off the charts. 1000% game changer – almost too much for a single man to pull off. I can’t stomach the cost (plus postage, plus proxy) right now. But if this thing doesn’t drop in the UK soon, I’m going to have to re-evaluate my mortgage commitments.

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