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Belafonte: Why the fuck have you got a lion on your sweater?

Yeah baby, you’re the mountain lion. Yes you are. You’re a big bad mountain lion, poised, alert, ready to strike. Today your pray might be a packet of Cheetos, but tomorrow, who knows… You’re a bad man, a powerful man, a man of urgency and unspeakable erotic tastes.

At least, this is what I tell myself during my morning meditation. It never makes me feel much different though. I remain a lethargic lump who moans when the TV remote is out of reach.

Perhaps I need to dress the part.

This number is from Japanese Americana-likers Belafonte. It’s unashamedly retro, retailer Clutch Cafe says it’s, reminiscent of designs from the 40’s and 50’s. And there’s certainly an old-timey, railcar-diner vibe. Jocks and cheerleaders, those stupid hats with propellers on — lean in and you can almost smell the pancakes and their unholy mix of syrup and bacon, you can hear the fizz of the milkshake frother, you can feel the crushing mid-century sexual tension. But this is no jock-wear, this is strictly for the nerds.

It comes in three colour-ways all of which feel suitably antique — black, mint and sludge. In fact, if I was to change one thing, it’d be to hype up the colours; maybe go with more modern tones. To be fair though, I do prefer my retro to carry a sense of revision; the past through a more contemporary lens. I totally dig that is not everyone’s view.

Either way, I still think these sweaters are both weird and wonderful. It’d be great to try one of these, slightly oversized, over a striped shirt (in a complimentary tone). I reckon it’d deliver a pleasing clash of the formal and the ‘why the fuck have you got a lion on your sweater?’

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  1. Noodles

    Top man, top blog sir!

    Belafonte as a brand has roots linked to Tenderloin.
    Thus this fine piece isn’t just reminiscent but a direct copy of a 1940s novelty print shirt sleeve knit sweater minus the pixilated mountain cat. The original was a far superior and monsterous skein of flying ducks.

    Speaking of monsterous have you scoped the Belafonte full leather lunch box? Perfect for those Monster munch, sandwiches and Capri sun…

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