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Green-eye from other bros is an important USP

I’ve just bought a Nonnative hat. Plain navy, boonie style, neck strap; it fits perfectly. The hat’s lining is the same Liberty print fabric you see used for this coat. The hat was a non-trivial £160. The coat is £995. If that’s not enough to send you packing to, then welcome. You’re in the right place. Because this is an insanely cool, insanely priced Nonnative coat with drawstrings, internal pockets and leather trims. It’s a game changer. It’s a piece that, when worn correctly, is basically an Infinity Gauntlet with a hood. Worn incorrectly and you’ll look like a dude who still listens to The Soup Dragons.

Constructed from cotton twill, this jacket features a couple of pockets at the hip and a couple on the chest, all with flap closure. I love the punch of the white press fasteners at the neck. But of course it’s the fabric that kills. Yes we’ve all got this kind of thing in navy, sand, or olive. But the florals seriously elevate. And crucially, it’s not gaudy. This is not a look-at-my-fucking-wacky-coat piece. It reeks of taste. Wear this and watch as the logo-parka boys toss envious glances your way, desperately trying to place the brand. Let’s face it, if you’re going to drop the best part of a oner on a coat, encouraging a bit of green-eye from other bros is a key product USP.

I mentioned wearing this correctly or incorrectly earlier, without really thinking about what that might mean. I guess, I was thinking it’d maybe not be best to pair this with Clarks Originals, or Adidas Spezials. Perhaps steer clear of any Stone Island references, Ralph Lauren Polo, Lacoste or Barbour. To my mind this piece needs separating from any football casual or 90s beat-band connotations. I’d wear it modern, with shoes, with a shirt and maybe even an unstructured blazer beneath. I see this as a prestige piece, demanding a prestige approach. Wear it up, not down. Wear it like you’ve just spent a grand on it. And let it, rather than a boastful mouth, do the talking.

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