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Low-key braggadocio

Dunno about you, but I think ‘Texas’ and I think cowboy hats, cowboy boots, lipsticked ladies with giant 80s perms and a casual indifference to loaded firearms. I don’t think interesting global menswear. I don’t think Document, Eastlogue, and ts(s). I don’t think the entire contents of Namu Shop basically. And yet Namu Shop is in Texas, and by all accounts offers a world-class selection of tough to get brands.

Also, they dropped me an email thanking me for a bit of coverage. Which is lovely. And reason enough to draw attention to this ample heater from Kaptain Sunshine.

You’ll have to move quick, it’s on sale now in a size 38 and that’s your lot. But assuming you’re of the appropriate dimensions and have the requisite spendables you could do a lot worse. Firstly it’s Kaptain Sunshine; I don’t know about Texas, but that’s a rarity down Londonways, one that comes with the potential for some low-key braggadocio. Secondly… well look at it. Puffed up and grandiose, it’s a lot of coat for your money.

Also, it’s reversible, so it’s really two coats, non-literally speaking. Either way, it’s not just a colour change, the details differ between the khaki and green sides. On the khaki side you’ve got a couple of large velcroed front pockets with hand warmers and an adjustable hem cord, while on the green side there’s a chest pocket, an adjustable waist cord and a hanging loop. While you’ll doubtless choose your side based primarily on colour, it’s nice to know that some serious design thinking has gone into this premium piece.

For me, it’s all about the green side, worn undone, with that colossal khaki button (velcro) stand showing. I’m not usually one for waist ties, but as you’ll see in the top picture, here it looks savage. It’s still not cheap and you’d have to factor in postage and the inevitable import duty but this isn’t a seasonal piece, it’ll last you. And with shivery weather due, the down and feather padding will see you through and doubtless numerous winters to come. Have at it if you’ve got the paper.

Expedition Reversible Down Parka

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