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Where did you get such an interesting shirt with so many useless pockets?

We’ll stay in saleland today and if yesterday’s puffa was a bit wallet troubling, you might find this Meanswhile shirt more fiscally comfortable.

This piece has waist and rear mesh lined pockets. They’re both brilliant and ridiculous. If you (mentally) step back from it, and really think about the practical application of deep waist and lower back pockets on a shirt, you’ll probably conclude, as I do, that they wouldn’t be terribly useful. Furthermore, if you did stuff them full of stuff, you’d end up with a thin top, a bulging midriff and thin legs; you’d look like a cartoon character who’s swallowed a spanner.

So why is this shirt still essential? Well, I suggest that not all pockets are created equal; some are for pocketing things, some are just for looking at. In my view, these pockets are best left unpenetrated and once you come to that conclusion, this shirt makes total sense.

This style is availableĀ over at Alpha Shadows in both the cotton chambray pictured and a lighter blue version. It’s 30% off, there’s still a good range of sizes. Apparently (and common to the trixiness common to Meanswhile) you can pack this shirt up into its own rear pocket. Not a deal breaker for me either way, but it’ll probably excite the kind of dude who likes watching Mr Porter ‘how to pack a suitcase’ videos.

Basically, it’s simple up top with a whole lot of party downstairs. Other guys, in normal shirts will you at you enviously and wonder where you got such an interesting shirt with so many useless pockets. Even as you struggle to thumb your fag packet into your jeans.

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