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A game of Blind Man’s Ebay Basket

Needles mohair mix cardigans are feeling more relevant than ever. A long standing staple for the brand, they really find their place in the current menswear toy box of pattern clashing, mix-and-don’t-match. Worn simply, they’re cuddly, playful, and to the right eyes indicate you’re a fully clued-up member of the Nepenthes appreciation club. Worn with verve (as part of an sartorial argument between a leopard print top and a pair of gaudy tracksuit trousers say) and you’re next level. You’ve walked straight out a Needles look-book. Somewhere between a preening  catwalk stylist and a game of Blind Man’s Ebay Basket. I assure you, this is the right look for now.

Available this season in purple and grey and a a sort of toffee/chocolate mix, these pieces are currently unavailable in the UK – although you can expect them over at Alpha Shadows imminently. If you can’t wait, South Korea’s Sculpstore has them now.

Personally, I’d go with the purple one. Other than for footwear, I fear browns. Besides, this kind of diamond, argyle style patterning is more common in browns. There’s a strong sense of the vintage about it, which, in clothing at least, is rarely part of my lifestyle. The purple just feels fresher. As I say, clashed up with other printed garments it’d make you look criminally narcissistic. Just like a giant rhythmically throbbing anus. Which is precisely what’s on my personal moodboard this season.

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