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A twisted, sustained, groaning

Autumnal kit is surging into the indies right now. It’s that time of year when a morning glance at your preferred retailers can swiftly provoke imperfect thoughts of credit cards and overdraft extensions. With such an influx of desirables, it’s easy to overlook the odd gem. OTHER/Shop for instance is now stuffed with killer new pieces from Studio Nicholson, Story MFG and Stephan Schneider (some of which we’ll doubtless spotlight here in due course) but this early season top from in-house label OTHER Collection shouldn’t be forgotten.

Called the Chester top and produced in conjunction with Merchant Mills, this is a piece you’ll wear constantly. Interesting enough to avoid dullness, but subtle enough to keep you off the radar, this is a staple, a wardrobe fundamental. If you’re not on board? Just stick with your fucking Bianca Chandon and Adidas Superstars bro. Carry on bouncing round Oxford Circus with your earplugs in listening to Daytona imagining what it’d be like to be a rapper rather than a temp at Foxtons.

The enlightened will appreciate the navy seersucker and light grey cross stitch detail, the bound neck and the unfussy straight cut body and sleeves. Those with vision will appreciate how this can work as a safe foundation layer for a more unorthodox jacket, or when paired with plain navy cottons, will elevate itself to centre stage, contributing a vital luxurious intricacy.

It’s easy to get swayed by more audacious pieces, particularly when on a budget. It’s natural to want bang for your buck. Typically though, bangs tend to be brief. If you’re looking for value, this is a good move. It’s less bang, more twisted, sustained, groaning. Only, you know, better than that sounds.

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