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Watching Antiques Roadshow nibbling Battenberg

Some time back, I remember seeing a large fluorescent crochet blanket in the Good Design section of Dover Street Market. Outside of the giant ‘Comme des Garçons’ stitched over the top in black wool, it was exactly the kind of thing you’d see in a Save the Children store and dismiss for being too ‘granny’. However, the simple addition of the logo, as effectively illustrated here, transformed the piece into something desirable. Were it not for the £300 plus swing ticket, it’d be draped over my sofa right now.

It’s pleasing to see Story MFG playing with crochet this season. For me, the Comme example was memorable for the grating juxtaposition between the typically austere brand and the antiquated, cosy form. With Story MFG its inclusion makes more sense. The brand’s conscious, artisanal lean provides crochet a logical home, augmented by natural dyeing and organic cotton.

With a nod to crochet’s cultural baggage (knitting needles, mismatched china, well thumbed copies of the Radio Times, blue rinses) this piece is called the ‘Polite Velvet Crochet Sweater‘. From where I’m sitting though, it’s anything but polite. It’s a straight banger. A velvet funnel neck. A popover style with with snap buttons. Toffee coloured trim, tie fastenings on the cuffs and hem, plus the multi-coloured crochet slicing through the middle. Turn up at a Women’s Institute coffee morning and you’ll be able to hear a Custard Cream drop.

Story MFG are putting out a scarf too, if you fancy getting on the crochet tip but can’t face £250 for the top. I’m double into this vibe. My only misgiving is that the top looks a little active. Contrary to its OAP style finishing, it looks a bit like something for skateboarding in, or hiking, or jumping off bridges attached to elastic. I do none of these things. Still, at least I’d look good while watching Antiques Roadshow nibbling Battenberg.

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