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The unwinnable war

As if my sterile attempts to write the important south east London novel weren’t already enough to pulp my confidence. Now I have to go and look at Nepenthes NYC Instagram. Any remaining morale I had, has been replaced by a heartful of whatsthefuckingpoint? I mean, I know the guys that post on Nepenthes NYC work for Nepenthes NYC. And I know they’ve got access to all the SS18 kit. And I’m sure they’re all talented stylists in their own right. But do they have to look so good? Do they really have to make it look that easy?

Some might look at the following images and see a bunch of dudes in clothes that are too big for them. Some might think they look like ridiculous fishermen. I think they rule. They rule too big. I fear I could never look as much like a cool ridiculous fisherman as they do.

But as much as these images dent my own sense of sartorial achievement, they also inspire. Yes, for the moment, I might feel a bit daunted and enfeebled. But give me a minute to get my strength back. Strength enough to de-wallet my VISA debit and continue the unwinnable war.

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