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I genuinely feel quite bad now

You might know the Japan Blue Company from its namesake jeans line. But it’s also an umbrella brand, offering further lines including, amongst others, Soulive, Momotaro and Setto. It’s no coincidence that one recent drop over at The Bureau came packed with Japan Blue, Momotaro and Setto. It all came from the same place, the manufacturing centre in Okayama.

Japan Blue offers some smart looking baggy trousers right now, in both a light and dark indigo finish, but it’s the Setto line that really delivers. This kimono jacket is a power-piece, while this baseball style denim shirt is a primo-basic. For me though, its this indigo hunting vest that’s the standout.

Back in the day, this would be called a ‘tank top’. Now of course it’s a ‘hunting vest’. A grammatical modification that doesn’t change the fact that men of a certain age will see this and think tank top – sleeveless, v-necked and pulled over a shirt for instant uncool. Times change though. And in the current climate, it is difficult to comprehend a circumstance where this oversized, chambray number could appear anything less that mad-on-point.

Over a simple long-sleeved tee. Over a long-line Engineered Garments style shirt. Or for the truly progressive, yanked over a blazer. The possibilities are, if not exactly endless, then at least three.

Hopefully you find this garment inspiring. I do. In fact I just bought it. The last one in large. Literally just now. So what I really should I have said was, hopefully you find this garment inspiring, and you’re a size XL. Because that’s all The Bureau have left. I genuinely feel quite bad now.

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