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Beyond the Black Rainbow on Foo-Foo Dust

How much do you have to do to a found object to make it an entirely new thing? It’s a notion the art world has wrangled with for generations. Music samples, gifs loop and designers ‘homage’; these days starting with a blank sheet of paper just seems so passé.

In most fields significant effort is taken to obfuscate any ‘borrowing’. Dye is splashed, paint is daubed; scribbles, stitches, rips, patches and badges, anything and everything to add-to, to modify the original and produce a fresh original. This makes the work of Japanese brand HESTRADA Gee-Wiz all the more interesting.

You’ve really got to admire the brand HESTRADA Gee-Wiz. And not just for calling themselves HESTRADA Gee-Wiz. They appear to take Hanes Beefy-Ts, add a drawstring hem and a badge that says HESTRADA Gee-Wiz and put them on sale. I mean, I don’t think I’m missing anything here. That appears to be the sum of it.

It would seem that nowadays the lightest of touches can justify a brand. And maybe that’s okay; these tees for all their dubious heritage are actually pretty cool. I’m probably falling back on my well worn obscure = desirable equation, but I really like that demented badge on the front. Look at that font. It’s Eagle Transporters. It’s Servalan‘s haircut. It’s Beyond the Black Rainbow on Foo-Foo Dust. I’d wear the shit out of that shit.

Grab them over at I Am Shop if you’re interested. No one will know it’s a Hanes unless you tell them. After all, Marcel Duchamp never told anyone it was just a bog.

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