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I think I read somewhere…

The line between dopeness and looking like a perfect cock is fine indeed. Take this overshirt. It’s by Japanese brand Undercover – a label that suggests membership to the deepest recesses of conspiratorial cool. Can’t afford it? Hard cheese. Don’t understand it? Go back to H&M loser-face. Undercover is inscrutable. It’s abstruse. It’s obscure.

Having said all that, this overshirt will make you look like a fucking tin solider.

It’s made in Japan. It’s 100% cotton. It’s long. And if you look closely you’ll spy a horde of pockets on there – a couple of big flap numbers, a chest pocket and little extra one, on the wonk. And those short sleeves. And of course the bright red trim.

What kind of price could you put on this level of foolishness? Well, I’ll tell you. A paltry £510. Yeah, there’s just the trivial matter of half a grand and you’ll feel right at home in a line up between Woody and Buzz. And it’s probably the most sensible financial investment you’ll make all year. I think I read somewhere that right now, the girls of Dalston are only sipping their Rosie and Gins with dudes done up like cuckoo clock characters.

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  1. Johnnyg Goddard

    Hi Steve

    How you doing bud?

    Your posts recently seem to be telling us what not to buy. A magazine of wankwomble tomfoolery. It’s becoming a comic.

    Any chance we could go back to cutting edge, that people would actually want? Asking for a friend.

    Johnny G

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