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You’d tell me if I was too cool wouldn’t you?

What happens when the impossible cool becomes possible? Popular Instagram page The Impossible Cool documents fleeting moments in history, when certain celebrities, totally and completely embodied the very notion of cool. But what happens when that’s you? What happens when you realise, during someone’s birthday party, on a Sunday afternoon, in a Hackney beer garden say, that the impossible cool is you? That your combination of Noma t.d. shirt, Bru Na Boinne trousers and Engineered Garments DMs make you the coolest man alive. And not just for a fleeting moment. But for a good few hours of polite chat and lager and lime. What then I ask you? What then?







Shirt: Noma t.d.
Trousers: Bru Na Boinne
Shoes: Engineered Garments x Dr Martens

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