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A child’s worst nightmare

Sweet Christmas. The lovable maniacs over at Japanese brand Son Of The Cheese don’t dick about. When they set their minds to creating a shirt to set the human soul on fire they see it through. It’s the third in a trilogy of posts about foolheaded summer chemises – we’ve had flowers from Unused and embroidery from Noma t.d. – but this photographic fuckshow is properly next level.

There are fan-headed tigers and impassive 50s faces. There are multi-armed monsters reminiscent of the Hindu god Ganesha, only in shirt sleeves, and with what looks like a Liberty gift box for a body. Eyes disconnect like LEGO bricks, while upon this pastel sea bob bunches of flowers suggesting this is a happy place. Albeit inside a fevered brain.

Turns out the illustration is the work of California artist Matt Cunningham. It also turns out that since I started writing this post, these shirts have sold out over at stockist Digital Mountain. Evidently there are more people than I thought who’re happy to pay £130 to have a child’s worst nightmare on their chest.

PS: Just noticed you can grab this over at Son Of The Cheese direct.

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