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When vests go Nashville

On the face of it, what we’ve got here is a solid, utilitarian, cotton canvas vest. A couple of chest pockets, a couple of hip pockets with dangly detail, a concealed button placket. But then, on the sides, you clock the lace detail. Youcha! I mean, all of a sudden this piece goes from cool urban to Keith Urban. We’re in Nashville. This is Rayna James stagewear y’all.

As you might anticipate, this is the result of western influences purloined by the east. Japanese brand YSTRDY’S TMRRW, led by head designer Kazuya Sugano, take American stapes and revise; implementing new cloth, new tones, new ideas. And as far as 90% of this piece goes, they’re on the money. It’s just that lacing system down the sides. Once you see it, you can’t ignore it. Don’t the floozies in Westworld wear corsets like this?

I like a bunch of YSTRDY’S TMRRW goods. Their current SS18 collection dabbles in oversized skate influences and a great deal of it is banging. I feel vaguely ashamed for picking out this ‘challenging’ vest now. But, if I’m honest, not so much that I wouldn’t do it again.

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