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The pleats alone look like they need their own database

Prone to stocking and creating only the most forward-prodding cuts, you can usually spot something at London’s OTHER/Shop that at first glance appears mildly ominous. You’ll find garments that are ostensibly too short, too long, too tight or too loose. But deliberately (and brilliantly) so. Such is the journey towards progressing menswear. Waists are high. You presume a jacket to curve, yet it’s abruptly rectilinear. Long pleats are plentiful.

It’s in the landscape of the trouser where OTHER/Shop and its hosted brands excel at this stylistic flabbergastery. You simply won’t find an average pair of slacks in the mix. Let me draw your attention to Exhibit A: the Studio Nicholson ‘Bunch trousers’.

They look vaguely high-waisted. The humungous architecture of pleats look like they need their own database. And the hems are loose, yet cropped. The unkind will spit out their pint and reference asylum escapees and the like. The proud wearer will simply have to stomach the jibes.

Personally, I think they’re magnificent, inconveniently they’ve a magnificent price tag to match. I won’t bother you with the fiscal specifics here though – click through if your VISA can handle your being terrorised. The thing is, some will never get past their initial ‘sanatorium daywear’ reaction. And that’s fine. These trousers are not for they. Those of broader-mind, those with sartorially reformist leanings and those who frankly don’t give a toss what their simple-headed mates say down the boozer, will, I’m sure, find much to enjoy.

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