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Akin to the work of Comme, RANDT, Kapital…

New to London’s Present and to this site, Japanese brand Enharmonic Tavern look like an interesting find. Streetwear and heritage references coalesce, there’s patchworking, boxy fits, sympathetic but surprising colour mashes, and even the odd use of shiny fabric trim. Viewed in totality the line has a bold visual signature, so maybe it’s a shame to spotlight this relatively sombre shirt. Thing is, they do this insane biker jacket too – but it’s Graham Norton as Marlon Brando at a Halloween party. Fun to see, but do you really want to drop a grand on that?

So this shirt then. It looks like it could be linen, but it might not be. It certainly appears to have some lace detail in the mix. It’s got two sleeves, a collar and it’s dark blue. Sadly that’s about your lot, because retailer Present neglect to supply even the most basic of product description on their website. How they expect their site to perform optimally and actually shift £425 shirts without explaining what they’re made of, and why a punter should care about a brand they’ve never heard of is a mystery to me?

Still, it’s a pretty strong looking piece, albeit very much akin to the work of Comme, RANDT, Kapital and myriad others. Why I should want to drop around £100-£200 more on a Enharmonic Tavern shirt is a question that really should be addressed on the retailer’s site.

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