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Unsuitable for anyone who does anything worthwhile for a living

Boasting a similar conscious philosophy to New York’s Bode, Japanese brand Clamp are all about the upcycling. It’s ethical. Like total ethicology man. Stuff that was once a thing, is chopped into different things and made into new stuff.  And obviously I’m all in favour of it. Although I do question the impact that me buying this vintage silk jacket will have on curtailing the ice cap thaw. I notice that after even I’ve eaten a bowl of Lizi’s Low Sugar Granola, I still can’t do my trousers up.

This is a beautiful thing though. It’s made of vintage silk. Look at it; different patterns; clashing, yet harmonious; it’s like a beautiful Brexit, but without the harmony and the beauty and with more clashing, and idiots. It’s got the structure of a utilitarian work jacket – standard patch pockets (two down, one up) a rounded collar and side vents. But it’s made of silk. Which takes this into the realm of the urban fop and away from anyone who does anything worthwhile for a living.

Of course, looking at the Clamp range over at Très Bien, it appears I’ve managed to pick the most cripplingly expensive piece. It wasn’t intentional, it’s just the rest of the stuff is a bit so-so. Besides, if you can’t toss your hard earned money way on impractical and overpriced Japanese merchandise what is this country coming to? ‘Just get on with it’, I say. Fortunately there won’t be any of this namby-pamby worrying about money after we leave the EU. There won’t be any.

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