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He’ll have your legs out from under you

In case you hadn’t heard, looking like an Amish buggy driver, who hides from iPhones in case they capture his soul, is all the rage in South East London right now. This guy’s rocking the look. He’s even got the stern expression down. Approach him with a selfie-stick and he’ll have your legs out from under you.

Of course, it’s also about the hat. And what a fucking hat this is.

Look at that brim. It’d be like wearing a woollen crop circle. It’s got some breadth I’ll give it that. Is it too wide though? Looks a bit floppy to me. I wonder if over time it’d lose its tumescence?

It’s from YSTRDYS TMRRW, you can grab it over at Coverchord. But seriously, what do I care. I’d never wear this. The top is made of fucking straw. I’m all for individual expressions of style. Wear what you want, with what you want. But for me, this crosses the line. On one side of the line is wearable clothing. On the other side is stuff that only works if you live in a 19th century Pennsylvania village, live in fear of a forest monster that’s really your dad in a cloak, and then it turns out it’s not really the 19th century at all, you’re just a hillbilly freakshow entirely cut off from modern society, who somehow still managed to vote for Trump.

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