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Ladylike and uncommonly effete

Simultaneously exhibiting the fundamental characteristics of both Birkenstocks and wellies, the SS17 footwear from Acne Studios manages to horrify and intrigue in equal measure. Whether you have a hankering for anti-bacterial footwear is neither here nor there – this is what the future looks like people. A post-capitalist future of chemical warfare, pestilence, flesh-chewing mutants and fashion-forward rubber sandals.

ddd-004 ddd-001

To my mind they look too shiny, rather ladylike and uncommonly effete. Makes me wonder why I like them so much. I don’t usually intercourse with Acne. I find the brand a bit pristine, too arch, too clearly reaching for different. Strangely though, I can see these shoes working with chunky walking socks, a scrunchy pair of wide chinos and a packet of French cigarettes.


They aren’t available on the Acne Studios’ site yet. And I certainly wouldn’t like to hazard a guess at their eventual cost. But they are weird. And I think, if you de-emphasised them, by teaming them with some raw, haphazard natural fibres (rather than the suggested knitted shorts and bloodless legs) they could look banging.

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