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It’s basically Rounders

Whether you call them plimsoles, or retro sneakers, or whatever, the Converse-a-like basic canvas footwear market is rammed. However, as a reader of this site, I’m gonna assume a certain level of personal exactitude when it comes to such matters. I’m gonna assume you’re a dick like me. Being severe there are only so many brands that qualify as wearable to a serious gentleman of the cloth. Normcore heads go with the ‘perceived’ anonymity of Vans and Converse, while Dumblebores of the health-goth scene only roll with Rick Owens and Raf. The more discerning seek out the unknown.

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This range by UK newcomers Good News is released in February. Brilliant women’s flat shoe virtuosos En Brogue were all over these yesterday, I clocked them this morning on London Fashion Week Men’s showrooms list.


The range has a 70’s US sports culture vibe and this is carried through to the individual style names (‘Dinger’, ’Hurler’, ’Babe etc…) which have something to do with American Rounders apparently. I just like the big-ass sole – elevated towards the back and riven with chunky grooves. I’d keep it simple with the white or navy models.

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My only concern is the anticipated price points. At a rumoured £50 for the lows and £60 for the highs, frankly I worry they’re not expensive enough. Sounds like a staple of the ‘diseased trends life support system’ that is Urban Outfitters. Hope I’m wrong.


  1. James

    Gotta say, though I’m not a fan of your regular converse, I do really like the 70’s editions for my ‘simple shoe’. The build quality, improved shape and sheer weight of them makes them a totally different animal for me. Like yourself im always looking for lesser spotted alternatives to score some oneupmanship points. However novestas and shoes like pottery etc all feel a little lightweight and flimsy to me. Butteros on the other hand have an even more substantial feel than the 70’s, but breaking them in is a uniquely painful experience. Needless to say, common projects can massively fuck off and zespa are way too similar. The worry with a lot of the rarer finds is that they all tend to look a bit like buddys or wooyoungmis, meaning they could easily be mistaken for clae or pointer. I mean, can you imagine?

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