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All kinds of precarious, counter-culture questions

You’ve probably never heard of FilMelange. But if you’re bothered, take a look at their brand site. It’s dull. A bit like Debenhams – terribly polite, ordered and innocuous. Now see how the brand is represented on Acoustics Online. More interesting right? All of a sudden their furry white tank-top is asking all kinds of precarious, counter-culture questions. Principally, is it possible to leave the house in a white roll-neck and a white tank-top without looking like a cruise ship hypnotist?

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Of course this is all down to how it’s styled, and just to be clear I’m on board with it. But looking back at the brand site, it makes me wonder if FilMelange is a bit like Beams +. In Japan of course, Beams + is a high street staple, and while the FilMelange  brand isn’t that big, on closer examination it does appear to have a couple of pretty generic looking Tokyo outposts. For all I know Japanese stylesmen consider FilMelange mad passé.


Either way, the brand’s been around since 2007 and specialises in organic materials apparently featuring, “exceptional comfort filled with fluffy softness and gentleness.” This piece is called, for no discernible reason, the BIFF 2 and uses 100% merino wool fleece. Personally, I just like the cool diagonal zip.

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Ignoring idle speculation around Japanese perceptions and remembering that this site comes to you from Peckham… I think this is a banger. I’m positive a white-on-white roll-neck, tank-top combination would do some serious business in South East London. Though in fairness, the specificity of that business is probably best left ambiguous.

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