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I’m not suggesting it’s a game changer

Those with their browsers pointed east might have clocked this Ordinary Fits ‘Harvey’ jacket just pop up on Strato. It’s ‘new’ it says. New to Strato. Thing is, it’s not. The same piece has been on the shelves, much closer to home at Peckham’s Alpha Shadows, for time. Indeed, while the piece will run you around 161 quid (plus proxy, duty, postage and so forth) from Strato, you can actually already nab it on sale for £138 at Shadows. For those interested in such things, it’s a pretty rare example of the UK being ahead of Japan with their own goods.

Style-wise, I’m on board with it. I’m not suggesting it’s a game changer, it’s pretty much an indigo denim coaches jacket. You’re not going to stand out at John Waters’ birthday party in this. In fact, even grumbling around the beer garden of a typical Pitcher and Piano you’re unlikely to ruffle too many feathers. But that’s not the point. It’s a foundation piece. The kind of tenacious garment that will squat in your subconscious and scream its relevance each time you head to your jacket rail. This thing will work with everything, easy to wear, it’s got pockets… by any scientific measure it’s a functional jacket and one that’ll just prove relentlessly useful.

I’d go so far as to say it’s the perfect jacket for the contemporary professional. Check that blazer lapel; stick a shirt collar underneath and you’re halfway to being taken seriously in a digital marketing meeting. While the drawcord hem, elasticated cuffs and snap buttons will provide enough cred when you hang with your beardy jobless, artist/DJ mates, trying to play down the fact that you have a well-paid job in digital marketing. So, vaguely duplicitous and highly practical for just 138 coins – what else you saving that xmas money for?

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