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Scone thieves

Dadcore is over. Long live Grancore. At least according to the latest Sanca drops over at Alpha Shadows. My grandmother used to wear a poncho not a million miles away from this. I think it was Aquascutum, or Burberry. The ideal accompaniment to a neatly folded Telegraph, a milky tea and a slice of Battenberg. Hats off to Alpha Shadows for going after that illusive market of bros who take their style cues from frosty-haired, right-of-centre, regional dowagers.

Coming on strong in beige wool, this savagery isn’t just a straight-up poncho. It features snap buttons on each side, so the wearer can fashion a pair of pseudo sleeves. Billowing, yes. Dangly like balls, yes. But sleeves all the same.

There is something seriously theatrical about this. Almost heroic. And the baseball jacket collar and sharp metal front fastenings add modernity, arguably elevating the piece from mid-80’s conservative club meetings to some kind of meta-human garb. A sort of none-more-beige superhero. Indeed the wearer of this could do worse than spend his time policing regional tea shops and bake sales, on the look out for wayward child gangs and scone thieves.

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