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The touch of a sculptor

Perfectly simple. This Sanca shirt might not twist heads in your direction. But among the right audience of menswearists, it will certainly provoke green-hued squints. Make no mistake, this is a thing of beauty. It can be entertaining to examine difficult garments; working out how… Read More

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Scone thieves

Dadcore is over. Long live Grancore. At least according to the latest Sanca drops over at Alpha Shadows. My grandmother used to wear a poncho not a million miles away from this. I think it was Aquascutum, or Burberry. The ideal accompaniment to a neatly… Read More

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Gelatinous western hulk

On occasion one’s adherence to garments ‘Made In Japan’ is contravened by eastern sizing policy. This is one such instance. It would appear, to the Japanese (at least the guys at brand Sanca) I am not a 40 jacket. But rather a gelatinous western hulk,… Read More