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The touch of a sculptor

Perfectly simple. This Sanca shirt might not twist heads in your direction. But among the right audience of menswearists, it will certainly provoke green-hued squints. Make no mistake, this is a thing of beauty. It can be entertaining to examine difficult garments; working out how a piece with no neck hole and two backs might perform on an everyday commute. But this, this is a different league. It;’s basically a modern classic. Worn over a simple white tee and beneath a wrinkly Comme des Garçons blazer you are at the apex of disheveled smart. The epitome of contemporary menswear. The coolest guy in any room.

Why such a rabid endorsement? Just take a good look. It’s striped obviously, so you’ve got a lean towards formality. Then you’ve got a cut-away collar, still carrying a message of considered smartness; but soft and casual. Then add that snowy snap button closure. The whole piece is a symmetry; balancing on one side the discipline of business, on the other the breezy insouciance of a professional dudesman.

It’s just one of those pieces that looks impossibly fresh. Course, you’d have to launder with care to retain the sharpness of the stripes. But seriously, wear this under a standard olive chore or military jacket and you’ll immediately elevate to the level of a player. A man with the touch of a sculptor and the mind of a assassin. The kind of dude who’s never even heard of a £19.90 Uniqlo oxford cloth shirt.

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