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Diseased phosphorescence and sunburned bubblegum

This is the Blaine Alpaca Raglan Coat in rainbow. It’s by the luxury New York City brand Sies Marjan. According to their brand website, “Sies Marjan evokes a narrative of colour, proportion, and subversive fabrication.” It’s a sentence that tells you everything you need to know about Sies Marjan.

The brand’s focus on colour, proportion and subversive fabrication is clear from this coat. The key bit of the sentence is, “evokes a narrative.” Which basically means ‘tell a story’, just in fancier words.

I would suggest that anyone wearing this coat will evoke something; ‘a narrative’ being perhaps the most polite way of phrasing it. Made from hand dyed alpaca wool, make no mistake, it is a beautiful thing. Muted yet kaleidoscopic, it’s a riotous collision of diseased phosphorescence and sunburned bubblegum. It’s just that, you’d have be comfortable getting serious attention. Doubtless, you’d fit right in amongst the pimps and sex workers in HBO’s The Deuce. Browsing the ‘Rollbacks’ in your local ASDA on the other hand, well… people are going to take an interest.

It’s a luxury piece. It’s £1545. So if your fearlessness doesn’t fail you, your wallet almost certainly will. I don’t know the lifestyle this was designed for. I would like to know it. I would like to live it. But while I still get excited when own-brand Jam Rings are only 50p, I suspect it’ll remain out of reach.

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