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Your biggest waste of time

Deveaux is a brand that’s worth a look. Launched in 2016, it’s all designed and produced in the US and has just hit San Francisco retailer Union Made. Like yesterday’s bad-dream coat, again we’re in the land of the luxe. Deveaux appear to make beautifully cut casual-wear, with an emphasis on straight-pimping fabrics. Yarn-dyed wool flannel shirts mix with tweed and cashmere knits; this is gear for the trust fund crew.

I’m especially drawn to this over-shirt in a brushed wool blend, which chooses to exploring the colour yellow, by being yellow as all fuck.

Colour theorists often suggest yellow only suits certain complexions. But as far as I’m concerned, unless you’re a gangrenous 16th century explorer with a diet of ship’s biscuits and tankards of piss, you can probably pull it off.

Yellow aside, it’s a lesson in minimalism. A straight-forward zip and some neat cuff adjusters pretty much sums it up. It’s oversized, which is ideal. But that’s your lot. It lives and dies on that fabric colour and Fuzzy-Felt finish.

Course, it’d have to be the right temperature to wear this. Misjudge it and you could easily find yourself squeezed into a humid bar, struggling to hoist this swiftly dampening knit off.  On a cold day, however, it’d be ideal. Which is really a point that could be aimed at so many different pieces of clothing as to render this last paragraph by far your biggest waste of time today.

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