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Gelatinous western hulk

On occasion one’s adherence to garments ‘Made In Japan’ is contravened by eastern sizing policy. This is one such instance. It would appear, to the Japanese (at least the guys at brand Sanca) I am not a 40 jacket. But rather a gelatinous western hulk, physically undisciplined, bloated and unbefitting (literally) their slender wares. This is something of a fucker. Because I’d kill to be able to shoehorn my carcass into this.


So, I guess, only waifs need apply. But if that’s you, get involved. Not only is this quilted piece down from £315 to £157.50, it’s rendered in this brilliant  sandy, orangey colour. Very unusual. Very Japanese. Very unsuitable for an apparent bloater like me.


It’s got that western shirt inspiration going on, but for me it’s the tone-on-tone popper buttons that make this – beautifully finished, lovely flat, matt colour. It’s a real shame. It’s one of those pieces that I could probably prise on, but couldn’t comfortably do the buttons up. And yes, I’ve bought things like that before. And no, I don’t wear them very often. Damn my stupid normal sized body.


  1. I’m thinking fudge when I see that colour. Yet apart from evoking a yearning in me for some the sticky stuff, the jacket itself is not at all nice. I admire those that are venturing out to make things different, but maybe there isn’t life out there after all?

  2. Mr Brown

    Looks like old Eddie Bauer down schnizzle. He seemed to like venturing out.

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